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hello, this is my fashion blog.
I'm on a never-ending quest to somehow become stylish. so logically, when I dress up and think it looks pretty okay, I post it to the internets. hooray!

for the most part I like sweet girly styles like lolita/otome, but sometimes I wear really random things.

I'm also a part of the Houston Lolita Community☆ Currently I'm a moderator there!

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February 9 2014

Fashion show rehearsals <3 

dress, socks, headbow Baby the Stars Shine Bright | wig Lucaille Wigs | shoes Secret Shop

February 8 2014

Photoshoot day for J-Fest~  I switched the wig out & put lashes on when I got to the location haha.

headbow, purse, parasol, dress Baby the Stars Shine Bright | cardigan Bodyline | wig Gothic Lolita Wigs 

February 6 2014

My outfit shots weren’t too good this day, but it was kinda boring anyway… so I decided to just post some rare “normal” face selfies instead huhu~

I need to hurry up and dye my hair blonde again!

February 2 2014

My first time going to a rehearsal for the Anime Matsuri fashion show~~

I really ought to cut the bangs on this wig.

dress, cardigan, headbow Baby the Stars Shine Bright | blouse Alice and the Pirates | wig Gothic Lolita Wigs

January 25 2014

Doing something special☆

Dress, Blouse Alice and the Pirates | Wig Gothic Lolita Wigs (Daily Doll)

January 18 2014

I was Alice today :D
First lolita selfies with my new Moto X phone!  Yay!!

Dress, apron, headbow, socks baby the stars shine bright | purse taobao | shoes double decker

January 4 2014

Swap meet!

Bow, blouse, socks, dress baby the stars shine bright | wig Lucaille wigs

January 2 2014

First coordinate of 2014!!!!!!!  Went out to eat with some Lolita friends, nothing too exciting~♪

dress, headbow Baby the Stars Shine Bright | wig Gothic Lolita Wigs | shoes Double Decker

Markie’s Top 10 Favorite Lolita Coordinates of 2013♡

I posted so many outfits this past year!!  I’m a little proud.  I think 2013 was my Year Of The Lolita.  It’s hard not to be sucked in to the fashion when you have such a great community surrounding you with so many inspirational members and friends <3 !  I was also lucky enough to be in a Baby the Stars Shine Bright fashion show (wearing a pink strawberry dress, no less), which I still can’t really believe.  This year was awesome.  Thank you, 2013!! 

(If you want you can see everything else I posted in 2013 here~)

Anime Matsuri 2013: March 29 ~ 31

Somehow I forgot to upload photos of my outfits from AM!  Whoops.

Most of it is Baby or Alice, I’m too lazy to type everything out♪